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Why 'The Unlikely Kiwi' ?

I grew up a simple outback country kid from a small region called Buckleboo in South Australia. The region is flat, dry and hot.....awesome to me, but not to all! My mates know me as the one that goes on beach holidays but refuses to swim unless it is over 40 degree celsius! I have spent years complaining about Adelaide being too cold for my liking. I love nothing more than visiting home, turning off towards Kimba on highway Number 1 and seeing the flat open road, where you can see as far as the eye can see.....it is OPEN country.

So 'how about we move to Marlborough, New Zealand?' was as unlikely as ....mm...me swimming on a 20 degree day! I had never been to New Zealand before. It was high on my bucket list, but as far as I knew it was also cold! Why would I want to go and live there!!?? Never one to shy away from an adventure with my hubby and three young girls (did I mention we are dragging our three kids on this journey too!?). This place is amazing...they have these things called mountains!! Ha ha...it is beautiful and I struggle not to ooohhh and aahhhh around every corner. But yes, sadly it is cold! I almost froze our first winter, but I now have an entirly new wardrobe filled with everything merino :)

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