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Kaikoura Coast and Glamping!

Looking back on some adventures...

Easter and Glamping with mates! We have always loved camping in Australia, but with the cold we hadn't quite been brave enough to do so in New Zealand. Our friends (and neighbours at the time) asked would we like to go 'glamping' with them. It was for Easter and it was vintage time, so the hubbys needed to be close enough to their Marlborough vineyards and wineries...but we could all still go away as families for Easter.

Camp Kekerengu was the place for our Easter that year! Along the beautiful Kaikoura coast sits Ngaio Downs. It is an 1100ha (2700 acres) hill country farm, which has been in the Todhunter family for the last three generations. The property is run as a sheep and cattle farm with approximately 4000 sheep and 600 cattle. Camp Kekerengu is one of the Canopy Campsites in New Zealand. What a fabulous, luxurious idea!

We took all our own food and cooked on the BBQ provided...popped the kids to bed in their 'tents' nearby, then sat and drank our evening Marlborough wine around the large pot belly fire and totally relaxed. Gorgeous views and so relaxing we felt as though we were the only two families for miles!

During the days my girls and I went out exploring! Plenty of hiking, nothing too strenuous, but loads of fun.

We drove down to the fabulous The Store at Kekerengu. Food and coffee is always amazing! Kids and adults super happy with this choice! Spent hours exploring the beach, waterways and drift wood. There is sooooo much drift wood here in the island called New Zealand!!!!

Us girls spent a half day hiking 'tramping'...say that with a Kiwi accent :) throughout the Okiwi Bay Lookout Walk.

The smallest child found our 'short' walk a little long, but we found rocks to climb, rivers to explore and plenty of native birds to sing to us along the tracks. Then down to the beach, just off the main road...up close and personal with the New Zealand seals. Ohau Stream was not far away. This is a beautiful seal colony nursery.

Did I mention that Easter Bunny also found us at our Glamping site?

Another day we headed into Kaikoura. After our mandatory lunch of fresh crayfish at Nin's Bin along the, way we were fuelled for a tourist shopping trip! Buying Kiwi gifts for our family and friends back home in Aussie...some awesome gift shops and Paua products to be bought in Kaikoura! I can't help myself and always have to stop at the Southern Paua Shop ! We took our time to walk and explore the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway...sighting the seals and pods of dolphins off the coast as we went....that stopped the smallest child from complaining!!

And what to do at the end of the day?? A long soaking bath.....under the stars!

This family trip was Easter 2016 . The November 2016 Earthquake devastated the Kaikoura coast line, so much so that the highway through this area has only just re-opened. The seals have had to find a new nursery too :(

We are planning a family trip this way again soon.....will update you on changes when we go through!

Happy travelling & memory making!

Susie x

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